Zephros is a male Pidgeotto born in Drifting Woodlands. He joined Team Oran on Day 1 in Trioe Town as a Pidgey.

Childhood Edit

Zephros is the son of Avissa and a currently unknown Talonflame. Supposedly, this Talonflame was a great Rescue Team leader.

As a young Pidgey, Avissa would tell Zephros tales of his father's rescues, through which he had helped many Pokémon. His father's feats inspired Zephros to strive to become one of the greatest rescue Pokémon in the continent. It wasn't long before Zephros left his mother's nest and went to the small village of Trioe Town, where he met the other members of his current rescue team.

Rescue Team Edit

Zephros serves as the Quartermaster for Team Oran. His closest friend is Ivory, though he is on good terms with the rest of the team.

Combat Edit

Zephros primary move he uses in dungeons is Agility, allowing both him and his teammates to move faster in combat. He will also play smart and keep his distance from his opponent utilizing his Quick Attack, slowly whittling them down and allowing his teammates to inflict the big damage. However, Zephros can dish out some damage of his own using his Brave Bird technique, which he knew from birth. Lastly, if he is in a pinch, Zephros' last technique, Roost, will allow him to recover half of his HP that he may have lost from an enemy that managed to get to close or from recoil.

Evolution Edit

Zephros evolved into a Pidgeotto on Day 5. He used Derava's evolution machine in order to increase his strength for one of the hardest dungeons he had yet faced: Lavender Trails. Being that he wants to grow stronger on his own, Zephros refuses to use an evolution machine to achieve his final form. However, like some of his fellow team members, Zephros has been experiencing some slight changes in his personality, which has become more drastic over time.