Team Prism was a Master ★★★ rank Exploration Team founded in Century City. It was lead by Deruta the Ninetales and consists of Shaymin.

Foundation Edit

It is known that Deruta was a Ninetales living with Magenta in Century City when Team Prism was founded. She was from the start an accomplished rescue team, growing rapidly popular throughout the city after she presented evidence of the existence of Paradise Island.

Not much is known beyond this.

Retirement Tour Edit

During Keepers of Prism, Team Prism toured across Century spreading news of retiring, stating that she had grown too old to continue her legacy. She promised to complete one last mission before retiring, however, in which she would finally discover Paradise Island.

Team Prism first encountered Team Oran in Trioe Town, where the exploration team began their tour. The two Pokémon stayed in the village for a few days, during which Deruta attacked Glaceon. A few days later, both Team Prism and Glaceon disappeared.

Disbandment Edit

During Keepers of Prism, Team Prism succeeded in finding Paradise Island, though Team Oran later discovered that they knew where the island was all along. The team had planned to remain at Paradise Island until the Faded status condition wears off. Team Oran eventually found Paradise Island and met Team Prism there. Deruta, who was revealed to be Faded herself, accidentally burns two-thirds of the island before dying.

During Extension, Shaymin returns to Century with Team Oran but promptly disappears. Most of Century City, beyond possibly the C-ROPs, was unaware that Team Prism had disbanded and that Deruta had died until Team Oran accidentally updated the Century Guild database.

Legacy and Accomplishments Edit

The Century Guild has a statue of Team Prism standing outside the guild, on the third row. The statue portrays Deruta with her veil, standing readily above Shaymin. The inscription of the statue reads, "Dedicated to Deruta the Ninetales and Shaymin of Team Prism: their exploration knows no bounds."

Team Prism as an Exploration Team has discovered a number of dungeons, including (in chronological order):