Spec is a female Lampent born in Distant Shades. She joined Team Oran on Day 1 in Trioe Town as a Litwick.

Childhood Edit

Spec is known to come from Distant Shades. A wandering Pokemon before Team Oran, Spec dodges questions about herself and her past as often as they’re brought up. Occasionally, when she pays a visit to the Century Guild, she takes time to look up at the Rescue Team Wall.

Nothing beyond this has been revealed in-game.

Rescue Team Edit

Spec joined Team Oran in hopes of finding a fortune of money and food, a goal she still holds.

As Locator, Spec often leaves the group in dungeons to explore by herself. Open and welcoming as a brick wall, Spec rarely talks about her feelings to the others and has yet to strongly connect with anyone. However, she finds their company beneficial, familiar, and finds something to respect in each of them.

She is the last of the team to see Nikki on Day 16.

Combat Edit

Spec prefers to be self reliant in combat, as her role as Locator often leads her far away from the group. Fight or flight is the name of the game, and one step in the wrong direction could trigger a huge brawl. When faced with an enemy she can’t stop, Spec disappears through the nearest wall to explore other rooms. When a Pokémon gets too close, Spec shoots first, and then shoots again for good measure. Anything hostile put between her and valuable goods can find itself on the receiving end of an Inferno to damage and burn, followed by a Hex to add double the insult to injury. Hard to hit enemies are taken out from afar with a Flamethrower or Energy Ball, depending on the type.

Evolution Edit

Spec evolved into a Lampent on Day 5 using Derava’s evolution machine.

Denied a second evolution on Day 9, she seeks other methods of evolution. After evolving, Spec's already hearty appetite developed into a voracious hunger, and she became more impulsive. She either doesn’t notice or doesn’t want to notice any change to her personality.