Petal is a female Shinx. Team Oran met her in Century City on Day 18.


Petal grew up in INSERT LOCATION HERE, a fairly normal Shinx. She tried to be helpful growing up, but was easily frightened and teased for being a coward. She doesn't actually remember much of what happened.

Come to think of it, did anything?

In Century City Edit

Petal runs a flower shop because she believes it is her destiny. She has a flower-shaped birthmark on her cheek, so of course that means she has to work with flowers and nothing else.

She has a hard time keeping friends because she has a tendency to forget things. Little things. Names, birthdays, where they live. It makes her come off as someone who just doesn't care. It's not that she doesn't, however, she just has a bad memory for names. And faces. And everything.