Nikki is a female Combusken born in Heatwave Peninsula. She joined Team Oran on Day 1 in Trioe Town as a Torchic.

Childhood Edit

Nikki lived in a retirement village at Heatwave Peninsula, where she looked after her parents and grandparents. Her parents were a part of a rescue team, so they were seldom at home; nonetheless, they pressured Nikki to become a rescue team leader herself, as if it were her calling. According to his stories, her grandfather was an outstanding rescue team member who helped save the world from destruction. Her grandfather often called her "Kenny" as she grew up, so she is comfortable going by either name. She doesn't know who Kenny is, however.

Rescue Team Edit

Nikki served as the Chef for Team Oran before her disappearance.

She was not particularly close to anyone on the rescue team, mostly likely due to her fear of being a burden on the team. Her parents told her that in order to be a proper leader, she couldn't let the team know she was scared or upset because they would look to her to make sure everything was okay.

Nikki was enthusiastic about cooking for Team Oran, focusing specifically on spicy food. She often found herself caring for the teammates, although often taking a harsher approach to doing so. She may seem to other Pokémon as chaotic and eccentric, but Nikki is one to plan, knowing exactly what she needs to do in any worst-case scenario. She strongly follows her own code, and has no problem with compulsive lying in order to achieve her ends.

Nikki met her first love, Wade, in the Herdier Motel during her visit to Century City. He was the only one she told of what happened, but was unable to see him since she told him.

Combat Edit

Nikki primarily works with type advantages, though her first instinct is to rely on double kick. She gets in close and enjoys doing a lot of damage, relying on her offense to defeat the Pokemon before she takes a hit.

Evolution Edit

Nikki evolved from a Torchic on Day five, and quietly eager to evolve further. She seems to have suffered no ill effects. She's actually quite enthusiastic about having arms.

Trial Edit

During Extension, Nikki had the most dramatic response to the Abigail vs Team Oran case. She recalled her grandfather's stories about how he was similarly tried, which resulted in the Pokémon of his town seeking to kill him for his crimes. Fearing Century City would do the same, Nikki took numerous precautions, including planning an escape route from the courthouse in case the team lost.

Disappearance Edit

On Day 16, Nikki disappeared on her way to the motel from the Century Guild. Before leaving, Spec had suggested she tagged along, which Nikki denied. She thus headed home alone, never reaching her destination.