Mightia is a female Mightyena. She joined Team Oran on Day 1 in Zubat Cave as a Poochyena.

Personality Edit

As a Poochyena, Mightia was energetic and playful, yet bashful. She loved to be seen as cute, yet she did not like the spotlight. During her time as a Poochyena, she grew especially close to Adami, since the two stuck together closely.

After evolving, Mightia grew more secluded and sensitive. She became dramatic and insecure, as well as somewhat impulsive. She quickly regretted her evolution, yearning for the "simpler times" of being a Poochyena. She is still close with Adami, with whom she shares many of her feelings and concerns. The team often shows their support for Mightia in general when she is especially down.

Mightia met Stahl in Wild Wild Woods, where he lead Team Oran through the forest to Century City. She quickly fell in love with him, and he just went with it. In Century City, the two had a daughter.

Childhood Edit

Nothing has been revealed of Mightia's childhood prior to joining Team Oran.

Rescue Team Edit

Mightia serves as the Treasurer of Team Oran. As a Poochyena, she was quite adept at this. However, after evolving, Mightia has become a little stingy and extravagant, not hesitating to withdraw the team's entire savings to treat Adami and herself.