Century City is a metropolis in central Century and the capital of the continent. Each Road of Centuries connects Century City to its various subsidiary cities.

Foundation Edit

Century City was founded many years ago, named after Century Mountain: the mountain after which the city and thus the country were named after. It was the second city founded on Century, after Pidoveport, and to this day receives most of its necessary imports from Pidoveport. The city began as a town for higher living, where bankers and merchants often lived and practiced their trades.

Century City grew very fast, quickly filling all of its flat area. The city became cramped, especially toward the older parts of town, with roads and buildings haphazardly placed to keep up with the city's rapid growth. As technology progressed, the city began to grow more vertically, though its layout stayed roughly the same, thus leading to the city's major traffic issues.

Century Guild Edit

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Century City is the home of the Century Guild, for which most Rescue Teams (including Team Oran) work. The Century Guild currently provides work for over seven hundred rescue teams across Century and solves five thousand rescue missions every month.