Adami is a female Skitty born in Pidoveport. She joined Team Oran on Day 1 in Trioe Town.

Childhood Edit

Nothing has been revealed about Adami's childhood.

Rescue Team Edit

Adami serves as the Morale Support for Team Oran. She is by far the most energetic and unusual of the team, making decisions on whim. She often causes the team trouble, but just as often pulls them out of this trouble. She nonetheless appreciates the team, caring for any member who may ever feel down.

Adami and Mightia are especially close. As a Poochyena, Mightia often played with Adami. After evolution, an action she regrets wholeheartedly, Mightia yearns for when she would play with Adami and sleep by her at night: a time she widely associated with Adami.